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Have you run into a situation where the telephone line is not near where you would like to put your terminal?
Solution: 1. Move telephone line, costly and timely.
2. Use Nebo Cordless Link
Nebo Cordless Link for Credit Card Terminals is a solution that allows a merchant to locate their terminal any place in their store. The location of a telephone line (jack) is not an issue. This makes the terminal easy to move or relocate at any time.

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  1. What can this do?
  2. Would it work for my old terminal?
  3. What is the limitation?
  4. Would it work with my processor?
  5. Would using this increase the operating cost?
  6. How reliable is this product?
  7. Do we need PCI certification?
  8. Do I have to change the download program or will it affect the software performance?
  9. How much will this cost?
  10. Is the product proven?

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Nebo Cordless Link for Credit Card Terminals, which is available today at the price of $99.99 plus shipping per unit, offers any terminal user the capability to move around for up 300 ft away from its phone jack. It will work for any dialup POS or credit card terminal and will work with any processor. It does not have any software to be installed. You do not need to change any settings or the download program. Just connect and it would work. The total setup time is less than 1 minute, guaranteed.

To order, please click here or call 978-683-1005.

Call or email Nebo Wireless at or 1-978-683-1005 to transform your Credit Card or POS Terminals to a fixed wireless solution today!